The Essential Fashion Collocation in Winter - Long Boots

Must-have footwear for fall and winter - over-the-knee boots

  Even if the popular boots in autumn and winter change every year, the element of "over the knee" has always been standing in the fashion circle. It is both versatile and highlights femininity. But beautiful boots require advanced wear.

  If you wear them properly, they can highlight your beautiful long legs. If not, your legs will be short. So, how exactly should women's boots be worn?


Style selection

  In the choice of styles for over-the-knee boots, try not to pick styles with fat boots. Because the boots will not only slide down, but also wrinkle, look weird like a child wearing adult clothes, and end up making your legs look thicker. 
  For petite girls, try high-heeled over-the-knee boots like socialite Olivia Palermo to visually lengthen the proportions of your legs.


  If you are worried that your calf is not straight, or you are not confident about your leg shape, it doesn't matter. You can choose a leather or a harder style. The stiffer material is relatively stiff, and it can contour your legs better than soft suede.



  A simple sweater paired with over-the-knee boots can coordinate the overall match well. It will not steal the limelight from the boots because the upper body is too conspicuous, and it will not make your whole outfit look too boring.

  At the same time, a slightly loose-fitting sweater and skinny over-the-knee boots can also create a contrasting top and bottom, making your lower body look slimmer.

  The combination of a high-waisted short skirt and over-the-knee boots is also very eye-catching. Putting a sweater into a short skirt can successfully lengthen the proportion of the lower body. When it is cold, you can match it with a short coat and over-the-knee boots, and then fashionable at the same time reflects the ability.

  Shawl and over-the-knee boots are also a fashionable combination to enhance a woman's aura. The combination of shawl and boots is also a popular trend at present. The lower body can be bare-legged or put on tight leggings to keep warm while still showing sexy.


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