How to Choose the Right Sandals for Your Foot Shape in Summer

1. Thin feet

  Is having slender feet a perfect thing? However, sometimes being too thin can backfire. Too thin legs, veins, roots, and phalanges will make people feel uncomfortable, which is an unsightly state.

  Sandal Selection Tips: Girls' strong and thin feet are often counterproductive, making people feel uncomfortable, and it is necessary to cover up prominent blood vessels and phalanges.

  Satin pleated shoes and quirky floral prints are fine. Vivid volume and rich floral patterns not only draw the eye, but also make feet look fuller.

2. Fat feet

  This foot type is different from the wide foot type. Foot bones are actually very small. Feet are usually very white, but the only problem is that there is a lot of flesh and it looks chubby, like baby fat.

  This type of foot is suitable for cute styles, and it is often a little tricky to change to other styles.

  Sandal Selection Tips: This season's trendy bundled sandals are great for making your feet look slimmer. Simple T-shaped sandals win with a simple design and are also suitable for girls with fat feet, making you look bigger and more elegant.

3. Foot shape with inversion of the foot bone

  This is a very common and scariest type of foot, where the inside of the foot is close to where the big toe is. Such two big bones often ruin the shape of the shoe in an instant, and at the same time destroy the perfect and dignified image of the wearer, which is really annoying.

  Sandal Selection Tips: Girls with varus feet should not be discouraged! There are also corresponding methods for modifying this foot shape.

  When choosing a style, dark lace, mesh and other materials should be the first choice, and materials with a sense of expansion such as metal rivets and three-dimensional flowers are also more suitable.

  The retro lace-up detailing catches the eye, which hides the protruding footbone from the tight sides of the shoe.

4. Flat toe

  Strictly speaking, this type of foot is not a defect, and many girls have this type of foot. For girls with this foot shape, except for delicate and feminine pointed shoes, other styles are easy to wear. It is worth mentioning that open-toed high-heeled shoes are very tall with this type of girls.

  Sandal Selection Tips: Open-toed high-heeled shoes are most suitable for cute girls with flat heads to play with sandal styles, and the design of the exposed three toes is just right.

  However, you need to be aware that openings that are too small or too large will widen the front of the foot and ruin the aesthetics of the foot.

5. Feet with prominent ankles

  Girls with this type of foot tend to have large skeletons, prominent ankles, tough and lack of softness.

  In the hot summer, putting on a short-sleeved dress with trousers will instantly expose your thick ankles to the sight of others.

  A girl who pursues perfection must not ignore small details. Choosing the right sandal style can solve this problem!

Sandal Picking Tips: Fashion-forward boots and sandals are the heart of girls with this type of foot, and are just high enough to cover the ankles.

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