Do You Know What Parts a Leather Shoe Is Made Of

  • Upper

  Made of stitched front, back and tongue. The front part corresponds to the front end of the foot and the active part of the metatarsophalangeal joint, and is flexed, stretched, squeezed and rubbed under the action of the foot.

  The heel part of the back part is processed into a fixed shape similar to the heel, and the back part is also flexed and stretched when walking and putting on and taking off leather shoes.

  The front and back are generally sutured at the waist fossa on both sides of the arch of the foot. This part of the upper plays the role of wrapping the foot and supporting the inner side of the arch of the foot.

  Generally, leather uppers are lined to reinforce the uppers and protect them from wear and tear, and to absorb part of the perspiration of the feet.

  • Sole

  It is composed of outsole, insole, half-insole, shank, pad and filling, which can isolate the foot from the ground and buffer the effect of the ground on the foot.

  The outsole is in direct contact with the ground and is subjected to various effects of bending, extrusion, friction and the external environment; the inner sole directly bears the weight of the human body and transmits the gravity to the outsole and heel.

  In addition to the effect of friction, it is also affected by foot sweat, humidity, temperature, etc.; the shank is fixed between the inner sole and the outer sole of the waist pocket of the leather shoe to reinforce the back of the leather shoe and support the arch of the foot, so that the waist of the leather shoe is fixed.

  The socket has a certain elasticity to maintain the position and shape of the sole and heel; the padding and filling are used to fill the joint between the upper and the insole to improve the cushioning and thermal insulation of the sole.

  • Main Heel

  The lower part is firmly integrated with the upper, the insole, the outsole and the heel between the upper and the lining at the heel of the shoe back, so that the heel of the shoe maintains a fixed shape.

  The main heel keeps the foot in the correct position in the shoe, and the upper edge of the main heel is thin and elastic, which can lightly clamp the upper part of the heel, and the leather shoes follow the foot without falling off when wearing.

  • Heel

  Protect the junction of the heel of the outsole and the upper from wear and damage, reduce the contact area between the sole and the ground, reduce the thermal conductivity of the leather shoe, and prevent the water on the ground from entering the shoe from the heel and waist.

  The effect of absorbing the shock energy generated when the heel hits the ground. The heel height is appropriate, so that the weight of the human body can be reasonably distributed to all parts of the foot, and the elasticity of the arch of the foot can be improved.

  • Inside Bundle Caput

  The inner toe cap of leather shoes is to maintain the style of the toe cap and prevent deformation during wearing. Some labor protection leather shoes are equipped with steel plate forming toe caps to ensure that the toes are not injured.

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