How to Repair Scratches on Leather Shoes

  Many people will wear leather shoes to show their elegance and demeanor.        However, after wearing leather shoes for a long time, it is inevitable that some scratches will occur due to friction and bumping. Once the scratches deepen and become obvious, the value of the shoes will be greatly reduced. It would be a shame to give up wearing because of scratches on the shoes.
  Now, we will introduce you a few tips to repair scratches in your shoes during daily life.

  • Use Essential Balm

  No matter what color of leather shoes, if there are slight scratches on the surface, you can try to apply essential balm or alcohol to the scratched area, and then take a small cloth or paper towel and wipe it repeatedly, so that the scratches can be quickly removed. 
  Both essential balm or alcohol are household products and are relatively easy to obtain. This method is relatively simple, and it is also very effective for the repair of minor scratches, and the leather shoes can become neat and new.

  • Use Nail Polish
  Leather shoes are rich in color, especially for women's leather shoes. Although there are more choices, it actually increases the difficulty of repairing scratches on leather shoes.
  Generally speaking, scratches on black leather shoes can be covered with shoe polish, but other brightly colored leather shoes are difficult to deal with once scratches appear.
  In fact, we can use the same color or similar color nail polish to cover the scratches on the leather shoes, just apply the nail polish evenly on the scratched places, and the scratches will disappear after natural air drying.
  • Professional scratch repair

  Although method 1 and method 2 are relatively simple and practical, many people still dare not try the scratches on expensive brand-name leather shoes.
  If you have a pair of very expensive leather shoes, then please do not try the above two methods lightly.

  In order to prevent aggravation of scratches on leather shoes or more serious damage caused by improper handling, it is recommended to send leather shoes to a professional luxury repair and maintenance service agency to ask professionals to repair them. Generally, the scratches can be reduced and the leather shoes look brand new.

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