2023 Must-have Summer Sandals for Womens

2023 Must-have Summer Sandals for Womens

It's not quite warm enough yet, but the clocks have sprung forward so the evenings are getting lighter, and while we wait for the sun to join us here in spring, we're looking ahead to summer holidays and warmer days. Which can only mean one thing – sandal season is around the corner.

Women’s sandals come in all shapes and sizes: strappy sandals, flip flops, espadrille sandals, wedge sandals, etc. No matter your style, where you live or vacation, there's a at least one kind of sandals to choose from so you can enjoy summer in style. 

Whether you're looking for a pair of minimalist sandals or a maximalist pair, there's no denying the power of anchoring an outfit with the perfect pair of summer shoes. BeauToday has sorted out the 4 most popular sandals in 2023 for you.


  1.  Vintage Fisherman Sandals

This summer's surprise shoes come from retro and fashionable fisherman sandals, with a neutral design and a bit of industrial style, featuring weaving and hollow design, with unique style and high recognizability. It is stylish and handsome, and it is very versatile. It looks good with skirts or slacks in summer, making your dress elegant and dignified with a casual and casual temperament.

2023 Women's fisherman sandals street style

In terms of color, this kind of woven sandals is mainly in simple black and white, with a leather upper and a flat sole design, which makes your feet feel very comfortable. The white style will make your outfit feel lighter and cooler, and has a brightening effect, while the black style feels more rustic and high-end. It can be matched with various styles of clothes in summer, such as black A-line skirts, solid-color "H" Type dress, or white straight-leg pants, jeans, etc., to create a style that is both elegant and neat. 

 Black and white are the most popular color of women's fisherman sandals

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  1. Strappy Sandals

The popular sandals in the summer of 2023 still continue the style of previous years, that is, the pursuit of "bare feet" feeling. The extremely slender shoelaces expose the skin of the feet to the greatest extent. No matter paired with elegant skirts or jeans, strappy sandals can make the overall outfit look more beautiful. It has a "breathing sense", looks comfortable and fashionable.

 2023 Women's strappy sandals outfit idea

Although the style of thin strappy sandals is simple, the design is also ever-changing, such as one-word strap sandals and cross strap design. In addition, the heeled strappy sandals are more fashionable and feminine, while the flat-bottomed styles are more casual, comfortable and friendly, suitable for matching with various dresses and skirts.

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  1. Retro Block Heeled Sandals

No matter how the trend changes, everyone should have a pair of retro block heeled sandals in summer. After being tempered by the fashion wave but not eliminated, the charm of block heeled sandals has never changed.  You can use thick-heeled sandals with nine-minute long cigarette pants to reveal more refreshing ankles and make them appear taller. If you match it with a knee-length dress, a pair of sandsl with block heeled will make it more leisurely and comfortable without losing a sense of elegance.

 Women's Sandals with Blocked Heeled

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  1. Casual "sporty" sandals

With the popularity of casual sports, this neutral style of sandals is becoming more and more popular among young people. Compared with other sandals, this kind of sandals are very comfortable to wear, but the style is more masculine. In summer, it can be used to match feminine items. For example, all kinds of beautiful stitching dress, gentle chiffon polka-dot skirts, etc., use the femininity of the dress to weaken the neutral style of the shoes, so that the overall style of wearing is more balanced.

 2023 Women's Casual Sandals for Summer

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