Mary Jane Shoes

  Mary Jane Shoes are the American collective term for strap shoes, especially those with low heels, round faces and ankle buckles. It has a strap with a buckle or button, a round and wide toe, a low heel and a thin outsole.

  The strap is the main element of its design. Patent leather is used for Mary Janes usually.

  The style is a bit like the black leather shoes people wore to chorus competitions when they were kids. 

  Some say that Mary Jane is derived from a character in the "Buster Brown" comic strip, first appearing in 1902; others say that Mary Jane is derived from a 1926 film called "Buster Brown", wearing a buckle tied The name of the heroine Mary Jane, who wears shoes through the movie, has become the code name of this shoe.

  It is precisely because of its attributes that it looks like a cute and adorable little princess, so it has become a model design of girly style. However, the current Mary Jane design has been improved, and it derives more stylized details on the basis of retaining the girly elements.

Mary Janes is generally divided into the following categories:

  • Flat Bottom Mary Jane

  The flat-bottomed Mary Jane is the closest to Mary Jane's original design. But compared to the round-toed style that children's shoes like to use, fashionable girls may prefer the pointed-toe design, which is easier to combine fashion and girlishness together.

  Coupled with the return of the retro trend in recent years, it has added more fashionable interest to Mary Jane shoes, and the retro plaid fabric presents an elegant style.


  • Little Rough and Mary Jane

  For many girls, a slightly thicker heel design is more "lethal", which can not only retain the cuteness of flat shoes, but also silently stretch the proportion of your legs and increase them. Most importantly, it ensures that you don't get tired when walking.

  The thick heel design is still an indispensable part of the popular retro elements, and it is a single product that can be worn all year round.

  In Japan, it is integrated with the Lolita style, resulting in Lolita shoes. The general Lolita shoes are evolved from the basic styles of loafer shoes and Mary Jane shoes, adding more cuteness to the original shoes. element that matches Lolita's outfit.


More other styles are welcome to buy

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