Daily Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Summer Sandals 1

1. Leather Sandals

  The stains on the leather upper cannot be wiped with a damp cloth or dipped in water, otherwise it will damage the color paste of the upper and make the shoes hard and deformed.

  For light-colored leather sandals, moisten a soft cloth with the same color shoe polish. Shoe polish should not be too thick, because shoe polish has a certain volatility, and if you apply too much, it will cause the upper to crack for a long time.

  In addition, it is best to apply a little lard before storing to keep the leather surface soft and moist and not easy to deform.

  For smooth leather sandals, use a dry cloth to remove stains and apply some shoe polish.

  For suede sandals, dab the stain with fine-grit sandpaper and keep the fuzz upright before storing.

2. Patent Leather Sandals

  Wipe dirt and other stains from the upper with a clean, soft cloth. Make up a cleaning solution using 2 parts detergent, 1 part alcohol, and 50 parts water.

  Dampen a cloth and wipe back and forth across the upper without using too much force. After the shoes are naturally air-dried, wipe the uppers with a soft cloth dipped in water, and place them in a ventilated place to air dry naturally.

3. Sandals with Sequins

  The sequins on most sandals are glued on, and if they get wet, they are likely to fall off, so we can only use or use a small clean towel when cleaning.

  There are also gaps between the sequins on some shoes with sequins. This type of shoes should not be scrubbed directly with cotton cloth. The sequins will leave lint. It is better to wipe with a polyester cloth dampened with water, but not too much water.

4. Hemp Rope Sole Sandals

  The bottom of hemp rope is easier to get dust, but it cannot be washed with water, which will affect the appearance.

  Use a household hair dryer to adjust to the cold windshield, blow off the dust at the bottom of the hemp rope, and then gently brush it with a small soft brush.

5. Grass-soled Sandals

  After putting it on, soak it in water with a clean rag, wipe off the dust on the bottom woven pad, and let it dry.

6. Cloth Material Sandals

  Although it is a sandal of cloth material, it cannot be washed with water.

  If there are light oil stains, it can be helpful to clean with a small amount of dish and fruit cleaner, then a rag dipped in water.

  If there is foaming or delamination after washing the cloth, you can iron it with an 80°C iron, cover the upper with a white cloth, and it will basically recover after 5~10 seconds of alignment. Please don't wear it immediately after recovery, because it takes more than 1 hour for the glue in the cloth to cure.

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