What You Should Know about Leather Shoes

  Leather shoes refer to the footwear that uses natural leather as the upper and leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc. as the sole, and is processed by sewing, gluing or injection molding. Leather shoes are characterized by breathability, moisture absorption, and good hygienic performance.

  Thousands of years ago, human ancestors had the habit of wearing shoes, wrapping their feet with animal skins, from leather shoes to modern leather shoes, leather shoes have a long history.

  In China, the production of modern leather shoes only has a history of more than 120 years, but because the shape, style, structure and wearing function of leather shoes are superior to other footwear, the production of leather shoes has developed rapidly. Today, leather shoes have become people's favorite footwear, one of the indispensable commodities in daily life, and occupy an important low position in the apparel category.

  Leather shoes, known in ancient China as "頮", mainly refer to shoes made of animals or artificial leather and PU leather. China already had leather shoes in the Han Dynasty, among which the leather shoes made of untanned raw leather were called Cao Cao, and those tanned with cooked leather were called Wei Cao.

  Leather shoes are more durable, waterproof, and less breathable than cloth shoes. It can be worn for formal occasions as well as for casual occasions. There are many styles. The classification of general leather shoes can be divided into business formal leather shoes, casual leather shoes, fashion leather shoes, outdoor leather shoes, work shoes and so on. Modern leather shoes originated in Italy. Italian leather shoes are of high quality but expensive.

  Common leathers include cowhide, buffalo, pig, goat, sheep, lamb, etc.

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