The 10 Best Loafers Guide (2)

6. Pair it with Flared Jeans

  A nice pair of loafers will complete your flared jeans outfit in style.
Flared jeans may have been the trend of the 70s, but they are still fashionable even today, and many women love the style.

  They can be dressed up or worn in a more laid-back style. Either way, they'll give you the illusion of a nice hourglass figure, and they're one of the best jeans for petite women because they lengthen your legs and make you look taller.

7. Pair it with Khakis

  Khaki trousers are a great option if you don't want to wear jeans or other tailored trousers. They usually look classy, ​​which is great, especially if you like a relaxed but dressy look. Pair it with a pair of loafers and you've got a comfortable combo.

8. Pair it with a Pleated Skirt

  Pleated skirts, whether long or short, are always a classic item, making you more ladylike. They are also very forgiving when it comes to silhouettes. The great thing about pleated skirts is that they can be paired with different shoes such as loafers.

9. Pair with Sweatpants

  You can dress it up with sweatpants and loafers. Given how comfortable they are, sweatpants were originally meant for lounging.

  However, they can be used for more than that, as you can style them and wear them outdoors.

10. With Paper Bag Waist Pants

  For a fashion-forward look, wear loafers and paper bag pants.

  Paper bag waist pants are great if you like interesting waist designs that make your waist look more cinched. They are self-lacing pants that look dressed up in most situations. They come in different prints and can also be worn with loafers.

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