Do You Know About Sneakers

  Sneakers are shoes designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or travel.

  The soles of sneakers are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic, and can play a certain buffering role. It can enhance elasticity during exercise, and some can prevent ankle injuries.

  Therefore, when doing sports, most of them should wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical sports, such as: basketball, running, etc.

  The range of materials used in sports shoes is wider than that of leather shoes and cloth shoes.

  The materials of sports shoes are widely used on the upper surface of textile materials, leather, artificial leather and synthetic materials.

  In the outsole material, in addition to rubber, PU, PVC, there are also a large number of thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composite materials, and functional materials such as EVA, TPR, and SBS.

  In terms of accessories, the use of metal parts and plastic parts is also more than that of leather shoes and cloth shoes.

  At the same time, the functional requirements of sports shoes have also greatly promoted the research and development process of new varieties of materials.

  Compared with the leather shoe last, there is a big difference in the shape change between the two.

  In order to facilitate the movement of the feet, the fore-and-aft sway of the sports shoe last is small, and the change of the concave degree of the bottom center is also small, so that the change of the sway curve of the last is relatively gentle.
  In order to improve the foot capacity of the shoe cavity, the genetic circumference of the sports shoe last is larger, which makes the last shape plump and the angle between the front and back of the last body is larger.

  The curve of the heel of the sneaker last is relatively straight in the middle, and the bottom line of the last in the waist pocket is also relatively straight.

  On the whole, the changes in the sneaker last focus on the forefoot and front tip. Judging from the shape of the last, there are mainly four types: pointed, round, square and square.

  (1) The round toe type is mostly used for the last design of running training shoes, tennis training shoes and football shoes.

  (2) Square toe type, which is generally used for the last design of bicycle competition shoes, which is a typical special sports shoe last.

  (3) Square and round toe type, generally used for ball sports shoes, such as basketball shoes. Because the front tip is stressed when landing, the stability requirements are higher, and the square-toed sneaker last is the most used type of sports shoes.

  (4) The pointed-toe type is generally used for the last-shaped design of shoes for special track and field competitions, and is not suitable for high landing in sports.

  The change of the last of the sports shoes determines the head shape of the sports shoes. 

  Generally speaking, unless there is a higher requirement for the force of the front tip or the direction of movement of the sports shoes, the round head, the square head and the square head can be replaced by each other.

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