Danger! It's Harmful to Wearing Flip-Flops for A Long Time!

(1) The soles of most flip-flops are spongy and cannot provide arch support for the feet.

  Most of the flip-flops we've seen on the market are made of sponge on the bottom and may look very soft and comfortable, but most flip-flops are designed to be completely flat and very thin, and your feet will end up sagging too much.

  The soles of normal people have a certain curvature, which can help us cushion the vibration when walking. Taiping flat shoes are also prone to injury for this reason, and they are not as comfortable as you look.

(2) Causes muscle and tendon fatigue.

  Flip-flops do not have complete wrapping. Only two thin straps or only one V-strap across your toes. When walking, it cannot provide enough support to lift the slippers, and can only "clip" the two straps by the strength of the toes.

  When you walk, you finally lift your toes so the muscles and tendons have to do all the work. In order to grip the shoe more firmly, the toe will involuntarily tighten, and the bad state will last for a long time, causing the tendon under the toe to be pulled, and even the nerves will become inflamed.

(3) It is easy to cause foot bone injury.

  If you're used to wearing high heels, flip-flops may end up stretching your calf muscles. Human foot bones are usually relatively short and less prone to injury, but there is a row of relatively slender phalanges in the front third of the sole, which is not so "strong".

  Flip-flops greatly increase the lack of protection of the toes, greatly increasing the pressure on the arch and surrounding ligamentous tissue. In addition to causing inflammation, it can also cause pressure fractures of the phalanx.

(4) Wearing flip-flops for a long time can cause pain in the hips and waist.

  When wearing flip-flops, the intertwining and the unconscious force of the leg tendons will unconsciously change the gait, the frequency will become faster, and the steps will become smaller. This way of walking can easily cause pain in other parts of the body.

  Flip-flops are very difficult to follow, so in order to prevent the shackles of the shoes from flying out with the feet, we often shorten the pace deliberately, turn the ankles inward to "bar" the shoes, lean forward, the knees will naturally bend, and the spine of the waist will also bend, Over time, not only will your footsteps turn into a childish "inner character," your knees and spine will ache, and you'll even have issues like sciatica.

(5) Feet are more susceptible to trauma.

  When you are walking on some uneven roads, such as slopes, gravel roads and muddy roads, flip-flops cannot guarantee the stability of your body. You can only rely on the toe clip to the only strap on the shoe, which is very dangerous!

  Buckle sandals are a healthier option, not only do the toes need to be flexed to keep the shoes from flying out, but they also provide better ankle and heel protection.

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