5 Ways to Reduce Foot Damage from Platform Shoes

1. Diagnose whether there are physical problems with your feet

  Standing barefoot on a flat ground, if three fingers can just fit into the arch of the foot, it means that the foot is normal.
  If the finger cannot be placed or the space after being placed is too large, it means that there is a problem. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor's advice and guidance.

2. Avoid wearing hard-soled platform shoes for a long time

  If you need to walk for a long time, try not to choose thick-soled shoes when you go out, or try not to choose thick-soled leather shoes, you can choose thick-soled sports shoes.
  Because hard-soled thick-soled leather shoes will cause your joints to fatigue and even cause damage when they are worn for a long time.

3. Choose shoes according to your daily travel needs

  If you go out for sports activities such as mountain climbing, running, etc., then we do not recommend that you wear thick-soled shoes when going out, because the thick soles of thick-soled shoes are not conducive to sports, but will increase the burden on your feet during exercise.

4. Do leg massage frequently

  Thick-soled shoes are more damaging to the calf and knee joints, and using essential oils to massage the legs and knee joints can speed up blood circulation in the legs and slow down the degeneration of the leg joints.

5. Daily sit some small movements for joint exercise

  Sitting on a chair with Erlang's legs crossed, straighten and lower the calf until you can touch the muscles in the front of the thigh with your hands. Do this for five minutes.

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