Ten Common Shoe-making Processes (2)

4. Injection shoe process:

  This process, also known as continuous injection molding, is a process in which molten plastic is injected into the outer mold and bonded to the upper. The materials used for the outsole are mostly polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber and the like.

  The process is to complete the bonding and assembly of the bottom and the bottom under the conditions of automatic feeding, automatic plasticization, automatic measurement, automatic injection, automatic mold closing and opening, and automatic molding, so it has the advantages of high production efficiency and automatic production.

  It has applications in the production of leather shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes and plastic shoes.

5. Vulcanization shoe process:

  This is a process method in which the outsole, welt and outer cover are bonded to the shoe upper, and then heated and pressurized in a vulcanization tank to vulcanize and form.

  The outsole of this process is divided into dieless (calendering) forming and die forming. Because the process is relatively rough and it is difficult to control the quality, usually only low-grade products can be produced.

  In recent years, due to the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, product quality has been greatly improved. Because vulcanized shoes are comfortable and economical to wear, and have high efficiency and low cost in production, this process is still used in the production of cloth rubber shoes, rubber shoes and leather shoes, and the production volume is large.

6. Goodyear Welted

  Goodyear Welted is a unique craftsmanship for the world's top shoes. It is named after Sir Charles Goodyear who invented the "Goodyear Shoe-making Technology". It has a history of nearly 200 years.

  This should be the most familiar shoe-making process for many people who are familiar with the leather shoe industry.

  It uses extension strips as the connection between the upper and the outsole, and the hollow part is filled with cork and steel strips. It has the advantages of convenient bottom changing, good foot feeling and durability.

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