Strappy Sandals

The strap element is a popular element that will not fall all year round. High-heeled sandals with straps and wraparound designs make the feet look better.

  Strap sandals, originally originated from the strap design of Roman shoes, are gradually appearing on sandals. The straps can fix the shoes and prevent the root from falling off. At the same time, they can also modify the shape of the legs. Legs feel slimmer.

  Of course, if the lace-up shoes are properly matched, I think they can add extra points to your outfit. However, if it is not matched properly, it will reduce the overall beauty of the dress.

  So how to match a pair of strappy sandals to achieve the desired effect?

1. Strap Sandals + Casual Pants

  The appearance rate of casual pants in summer is quite high, especially casual shorts, which are also very suitable when paired with strappy sandals.

  Choose a white T-shirt for the top and striped shorts for the bottom, which will make you look thinner and longer. Wearing a long windbreaker with a suit lapel on the outside is atmospheric and chic, and the strappy sandals on the feet embellish the slender foot shape. If you choose a thin heel, you can also set off your body shape even more slender.

2. Strap Sandals + Shirt + Denim Shorts

  Light blue shirt, fashionable and elegant, looks gentle and quiet, suitable for summer days. The collar is slightly open with a V opening, which highlights the slenderness of the neck and brings out the charming and charming face.

  The denim shorts are decorated with beards, which are light and flexible, and also show off the slender long legs, which is very sexy. Paired with flat strappy sandals, the straps can make your ankles appear more slender, modifying the slender legs, and the whole body looks casual and fashionable.

3. Strap Sandals + Skirt

  Sling shift dresses can make you look stylish, simple and generous, and you can wear them casually. The split skirt design is smart and elegant, and it modifies the slender legs. The short jacket decorated with diamonds looks very casual, and it creates a strong visual sense with the skirt.

  The hollow strap sandals on the feet are flat-bottomed, making it more comfortable to wear. It can be a handbag, and the overall shape is intellectual, elegant and feminine.

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