Daily Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Summer Sandals 2

7. Patent Leather Sandals

  For these sandals, do not use shoe polish to clean the stains on the patent leather shoes, just wipe the surface of the shoes with a soft cloth. Because the patent leather is waterproof, it is not easy to get water stains, so lightly wipe the dust on the upper, and the shoes will be as bright as new. You can also rub with hand cream.

  Please note that the surface of the patent leather is coated with a bright layer, so the shoe cloth should be as soft as possible (such as using a cloth for wiping computer screens), otherwise it will be scratched accidentally.

  Patent leather shoes can not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will easily make the skin yellow, cracked and aging. Patent leather shoes are not breathable and tend to breed bacteria, so it's best not to wear the same pair of shoes for a long time.

8. Canvas Sandals

  If you are cleaning canvas sandals, do not use detergent or soap. Because detergents can discolor fabrics, soaps can yellow fabrics.

  You can find toothbrushes with toothpaste, the softer the bristles, the better. Dip in toothpaste and lightly brush the stained area; wipe off the dirty water after brushing. After wiping, use a paper towel dampened with water and press the cleaned part.

  Do not expose to the sun after brushing to avoid fading, place it in a dark place and let it dry naturally. If it is white canvas, cover the upper with a layer of paper towel to prevent the fabric from turning yellow.

9. Satin Sandals

  Many of the more expensive shoes with dresses are mostly satin and silk. Personal manipulation of advanced satin materials is not recommended, more when problems arise. Just be careful when wearing it. The only way to deal with it is to use an eraser. Never use a brush.

  Also, satin shoes should not be exposed to the sun, which will cause them to fade.

10. Mink leather sandals

Mink-based suede is a troublesome leather that sweats easily and is not suitable for rainy days.

  If it gets dirty, use a shoe brush to remove the dust from the upper. Then use the eraser to gently push away the dirt on the square to remove the dirt. The effort should be moderate and as consistent as possible.

  Directions smooth the texture, reduce damage and improve stain removal. In addition, the mall has a special suede detergent.

11. Mirror Sheepskin & Sheepskin Sandals

  The most common types of leather are cowhide and sheepskin. Sheepskin material is soft and comfortable to wear. However, it is usually not very good to take care of. Some dirt is hard to wipe off. Other materials mentioned above, such as erasers and toothpaste.

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