Advantages and Shortages of Platform Shoes

Advantages of platform shoes:

  1. Thick-soled shoes can lengthen the proportion of the body and make your legs look very long. For short girls, they are more versatile in daily life.

  2. Compared with high-heeled shoes, there are various styles of thick-soled shoes, such as thick-soled sneakers, thick-soled loafers, etc. There are various styles to choose from.

  3. Compared with inner heightening and high-heeled shoes, thick-soled sneakers do less damage to the feet, and can also meet some daily sports scenes with less intensity.

Disadvantages of platform shoes:

  • If the bottom is too thick and unstable, it will be easy to fall.

  Some people may feel that compared with high-heeled shoes, thick-soled shoes are simply "zero heels", which are both higher and more comfortable to wear.

  From the perspective of human body structure, the reason why we can walk smoothly is due to the iron triangle formed by the feet.

  However, after wearing thick-soled shoes, the original triangular load becomes a four-corner load, the stability decreases, and it becomes easy to fall. There have also been instances of hospital visits for injuries caused by falls while wearing thick-soled shoes.

  •   The joints are easily injured.

  Because the height of the thick-soled shoes is generally high, the center of gravity moves down, which leads to the change of the gait of the big toe pushing hard to the ground after the forefoot touches the ground.

  Therefore, it is easy to cause excessive damage to the legs and knee joints.

  •   The sole material that is too heavy or too light can easily lead to joint fatigue and even lesions.

  Whether it is a very thick sole or a too soft sole, it will increase the stress on your ankle and knee joint.

  If you walk in thick-soled shoes for a long time, it is likely to cause excessive strain on these parts.

  •   It is easy to grow leg muscles.

  Many girls feel that thick-soled shoes can be worn as comfortable flat shoes.

  But in fact, thick-soled shoes cause more pressure on the legs because the forefoot cannot exert force. In the long run, it is easy to cause the calf muscles to thicken and affect the line of the legs.

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