What Could Be More Reliable in the Cold Winter than Snow Boots

  Snow boots, a type of shoe category, originated in Australia and were originally called Ugly boots. Australians wrapped two pieces of sheepskin into shoes to wear on their feet to keep out the cold, and later became popular in Australia.

  These sheepskin boots became popular in 1910 among shearers who took a small piece of sheepskin from the sheep, trimmed it, and used it to cover their feet. 

How to choose a pair of high-quality snow boots?

  • Choose by Price

  Since the raw materials of snow boots are very expensive, they are made of whole lambskin or selected cowhide from Australia and Australian wool, and the sole also has a special structure.

  The ex-factory price of genuine fur-integrated sheepskin boots will not be very low even if they are produced by snow boots manufacturers.

  Consumers who want to buy snow boots must remember this. Selected cowhide boots are slightly cheaper than fur-in-one, but not by much. The ones you get back at the 'price you want' are bad boots, not boots with real fur.

  • Choose from the color

  Genuine snow boots, the color is very positive, there will be no color difference.

  • Choose from the shoe type

  The surface of the high-quality snow boots is also quite delicate and soft to the touch. The shearing inside is very neat, the density is uniform in length, the feel is very soft and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to wear barefoot.

  The important thing is that it will feel light when put on, no weight, and quite warm. The inside and outside of the shoes are clean, smooth and free from shrinkage and deformation.

  • In addition, it should be noted that
  1.   The same parts of the pair of shoes should be the same, the color and pattern should be the same, the length of the toe and the height of the back should be the same.
  2.   The sewing thread of the upper is basically the same, without skipping stitches, missing stitches and broken threads.
  3.   When you touch the surface of the leather with your hands, the leather feels smooth, soft and elastic, while the artificial leather is astringent and has poor softness;
  4.   Pull by hand: Pull up the leather with both hands and pull it to both sides, the leather will not be deformed after pulling, but the artificial leather is not;
  5.   Smell: genuine leather has the smell of leather, while artificial leather has a strong plastic smell;
  6.   Ignition: tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather, and after lighting, the leather that emits hair smells and turns gray after burning, where there is a pungent odor, it is artificial leather that forms lumps after burning.

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