Summer Must-have Sandal Style: Mules

  Mules, from the Sumerian "mulu", meaning shoes for indoor use; or the Latin "mulleus", referring to the purple that only the three highest judges were entitled to wear in ancient Rome Red high-soled ceremonial shoes (Calceus).

  The original intention of Muller shoes refers to high-heeled shoes that cover the instep without showing the toes and only show the heel. As the trend changes again and again, there are now also variants of open-toed mules, flat-heeled mules, pointed mules, etc., but the exposed heel is a necessary condition.

  With the prevalence of retro style, Muller shoes have been pushed to the stage of the trend again, from the T stage to the street shooting, almost everywhere.

  However, with the popularity of minimalist design, after the combination of retro style, Muller shoes occupy the street with a new attitude, or the flat style of leather or satin makes people fall in love, whether it is paired with wide-leg pants, shorts or dresses , skirts are very suitable.

  Whether it is the thickness of the shoelace or the height of the heel, wearing it can always show a handsome and capable yet feminine side.

  If the strap element is popular every season, then mules are a fashion item for spring and summer. Although there are mules with fur in winter, they are obviously not as good as sandals.

  First of all, Muller's high heels are often used to match pants, which will weaken the sexy taste and make Muller's high heels more handsome and casual.

  The temperament of Muller high-heeled shoes is relatively high-profile, so the color can be black with temperament. The deep V-shaped opening visually elongates the legs, and the proportion of the legs is better. The pattern of the laces on the insole is also very delicate.

  Heeled mules seem to be getting a little less everyday, so if you want to wear them on weekdays, go for thicker ones. The solid chunky heel and open toe design add a little elegance to the mules.

  In addition, flat mules are more versatile than thick-soled mules, and because of the tight-fitting satin and leather, mules are upgraded to easily create casual French elegance.

The following Beau Today mules are entirely handcrafted from genuine leather:

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