Should We Wear Socks When Wearing Leather Shoes

  Many people may wonder whether socks are necessary to wear leather shoes. In fact, it depends on a variety of factors. Let's take a look at what factors we need to pay attention to.

1. Depends on the Weather

  If you're wearing a fur hat and down coat in the cold winter, and covering all parts of your body that may come into contact with the cold air, you'll definitely want to put on a pair of socks before going out in the morning.

  On the one hand, this is to keep warm, and on the other hand, it also avoids making the overall shape look top-heavy.

  On the contrary, the focus of summer wear should focus on refreshing and comfortable, so not wearing socks would be a good choice. As for rainy days, if the inside of your shoes will get soaked, of course don't wear socks, so as not to smell bad when you take off your shoes!

2. Depends on the Occasion

  Wearing shoes without socks usually gives a relaxed and lazy feeling, as if it is just a holiday wearing casual clothes to the street for a cup of coffee, or a sunny holiday resort.

  Wearing socks reveals a more formal atmosphere, reminiscent of keywords such as details, ingenuity, calm, gentleman, retro and so on.

  Obviously, if you're going to a formal dinner today, it's advisable to wear socks with your tuxedo and oxfords.

  In short, it all depends on the occasion you are going to be dignified or casual.

3. Depends on Personal Hygiene

  People who are prone to sweaty feet and have body odor problems should be very afraid of the dilemma that people will shy away when they take off their shoes, right?

  Wearing a pair of socks will always be your best option. Perhaps the first thing you should consider is to buy a pair of breathable shoes or bamboo charcoal deodorant socks that are suitable for you.

4. Depends on the Length of the Pants

  The pants most often paired with leather shoes should be suit pants, most of which are seven or nine in length, with or without socks. If you want to wear it, it should be echoed according to the color of the clothing, tie, and belt.

  For trousers with trousers covering the ankles, it is more suitable to wear a pair of socks, so as not to give people a feeling that others can't see but accidentally reveal the stuffing.

5. Depends on the Style of Dressing

  This is actually very similar to the "depending on the occasion" We mentioned before. Whether to wear socks or not can be decided according to whether you want to go casual or formal today.

  The second is that if you like playboy or Italian suit style, then don't wear socks; if you prefer traditional style and want to look British gentleman, then you have to wear socks.

6. Depends on the Shoes

  Boys' leather shoes can be roughly divided into four categories: Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Monk shoes, and loafers. This is also the order of the four pairs of shoes from formal to casual.

  In fact, they can be worn with or without socks, but if some leather shoes are worn directly without socks, they will be very uncomfortable and even grind the heels.

  As for loafers, since they are best for casual occasions, most people wear them without socks.


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