Matching Guide for Ankle Boots

  Ankle boots have been around since the late 1980s, and even today, they're still a must-have in a fashionable woman's closet. If you don't know how to match a pair of ankle boots, then you need to learn carefully.


 1. Tassel Ankle Boots + Shorts Skirt + Stockings

Matching suggestion:

  As a base dress, you can choose shorts or short boots to match this boot, don't let the trousers bury the lovely fringe. This base layer is slightly cooler, and a long coat is best for outside.


 2. Ankle Boots + Short Jacket + Dress

Matching suggestion:

  The color of these outfits is focused, and the style is also focused. It focuses on layered matching, so that it shows the golden ratio of your figure.

Tip: A short padded jacket can replace a short jacket.


 3. Ankle Boots + Jeans + T-shirt

Matching suggestion:

  If you want to be handsome, no matter what the season, you should always focus on being fresh and simple. The narrow-leg pants are placed in the boots, which will not steal the limelight of the boots, and look more casual and chic.


 4. Ankle Boots + T-shirt + Shorts

Matching suggestion:

  Metallic color is the trend color this year. Wearing metallic color in winter looks high-profile and fashionable. Ordinary jeans can also look unusual.


 5. Ankle Boots + Pantyhose of the Same Color

Matching suggestion

  The safest match for an ankle boot is a pair of pantyhose of the same color. With this foundation, other matches are feasible!


 6. Ankle Boots + Mini Skirt or Shorts

Matching suggestion

  The charm of ankle boots is that you need to show off your beautiful legs. In other words, let the ankle boots show completely.

  Therefore, all long and wide clothes should stand aside, especially for the lower body, short and small ones are the best.

  Consider a mini skirt or mini shorts paired with over-the-knee tights or stockings to show off your legs with confidence!


 7. Ankle Boots + Skinny Trousers

Matching suggestion

  The lower and narrower the shape, the easier it is to shift people's eyes down, so they naturally turn their attention to the pair of ankle boots on the feet.


 8. Ankle Boots + Handsome Trousers

Matching suggestion

  The casual trousers and handsome ankle boots are highly unified in style. If you add a vest of the same style to the upper body, the overall shape will be very fashionable, creating a neutral and capable OL image in an instant.

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