Leather Shoe Waxing/ Polishing Process

  Shoe polishing refers to wiping and polishing to make gradual and harmonious color differences, with a nostalgic and retro style.

  Color-polished leather shoes are shoes that are sprayed with paint of another color on the original leather. The leather formed by grinding has a coating on its surface, and the color is uneven after polishing. This kind of leather is high-grade, with a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality.

  Do not use dyed or solvent-based shoe polish for color-polishing leather shoes. You must use colorless and transparent shoe polish or leather conditioner to maintain the leather shoes, and dry them with a soft cloth to brighten them, or use high-grade wax shoe polish to polish and brighten the parts that highlight the style. 

  This maintains the vintage style of tinted leather shoes while providing mildew resistance, shine, softness and enhanced leather durability.


  Most of the high-quality cowhide is used to make sassafras leather, so most of the waxing leather shoes are expensive and have their own brands or handmade shops.

  The reason why it is called "waxing skin" is because it adopts a special process, which you can understand as "waxing or polishing".

  In fact, it is to spray another color of paint on the basis of the natural skin embryo, and the color will be uneven after grinding and polishing.


  Because of this special craftsmanship, the leather surface of the shoes has a distinct sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality, which makes it look more upscale.

  At the same time, because of the gradient and harmonious colors, it has a slightly nostalgic retro style.

  In short, rubbing leather is attractive in terms of visual effects and is very popular in high-end footwear.


  The uneven gradient rubbing effect requires a technician to create it by hand, and the rubbing effect of each pair of shoes will not be exactly the same.

  The waxing process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and must be done by experienced technicians. Therefore, the price of good waxing leather shoes is bound to be relatively high.


  If the waxing leather is used for shoes, it is more used for dress shoes.

  Because the rubbing leather has bright leather, delicate skin texture and strong craftsmanship texture, an elegant business style is instantly upgraded, which highlights the rigor and calmness of men.


  Beau Today has the following brogue-style waxing/polishing leather shoes, which use the distinctive craftsmanship of rubbed leather and exquisite brogue craftsmanship to break the rigidity and seriousness of general business series.


  If you want to know the craftsmanship of leather shoes, you can check our YouTube channel.

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