How to Relieve Muscle Fatigue by Wearing High-heeled Sandals Often

1.  Spring and summer are a great time for women to shine. High heels can always bring out the graceful figure and graceful curves of women.

  High heels(Pumps), flat sandals, casual sandals... A pair of stylish and beautiful shoes is an indispensable charm weapon for women.

  Health experts at Harvard University in the United States found that wearing 4-6 cm high heels is the most helpful for weight loss. These advanced sandals can effectively consume the metabolism of waist and abdomen fat, making your lower abdomen flat and sexy!

  But often wearing 4-6 cm high heels, the biggest trouble is that it will increase the pressure on your back muscles, and long-term wearing will make your back and legs sore.


  It is recommended not to wear a halter top to avoid the cold on your back! When the back muscles are stiff, the cold is more likely to penetrate the bladder through the back, the hands and feet are cold, and the immunity is weakened.

  At the same time, it is recommended to change to a softer mattress when going to bed at night to reduce back pressure.


2.  In addition, when the height of high heels rises to 6-8 cm, the center of gravity of the body will naturally move up when walking.

  A study found that if you wear 2 cm high heels for 2 hours, neck stiffness will increase by 22%. Health experts generally do not recommend that women in the workplace who face the computer for a long time wear 6-8 cm high heels, which will only make your neck stiff. more and more tired!


  It is recommended to take off your shoes for 2 hours and do some moderate foot massage. Focus on pressing to relieve muscle tension, located in the front 1/3 of the foot where the fascia of the foot meets.

  Also, if your heel height is between 6-8 cm, please don't wear heavy necklaces, so as not to put too much stress on your neck.


3.  If the heel is more than 8 cm, the center of gravity of the body will continue to move up when walking.

  Medical experts from Temple University in the United States found that women who often wear high heels of more than 8 cm tend to experience neuropathic headaches, eye pain, retinal compression and other symptoms. would be 25% higher than average.


  If you really like the feeling of being on top, it is recommended that you eat more green vegetables rich in vitamin A to provide adequate nutrition for the retina, so as to avoid sudden loss of vision after heavy work.

  Also, don't wear contact lenses when wearing high-heeled shoes, which can cause neuropathic pain.


4.  A pair of slender stiletto heels can really add a lot of femininity to you, but health experts from the University of New England in Australia point out that wearing high heels tends to make women lose their sense of balance and greatly increase the possibility of motion sickness.


  If you wear high heels more than 3 times a week, it is recommended that you do 1-2 times a day, recommending the "finger exercise" recommended by health experts. This can effectively increase the concentration of cerebellar nerve cells, allowing you to have a stronger balance.

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