How to Choose Platform Shoes Healthily

1. When buying thick-soled shoes, pay attention to whether the size of the shoes is appropriate.

  Only the right size, comfortable walking shoes can protect the foot, otherwise it will damage the foot.

  If you buy in a physical store, come in and choose a pair of comfortable shoes to try on. When buying online, you need to determine whether the size of the shoes is too large or too small, and whether the material is too hard.

2. If you buy it in a physical store, you must pay attention to the following points when trying it on.

  First of all, it is recommended to buy shoes after the feet are fully active in the afternoon or evening, because when you get up in the morning, your feet are not necessarily open, and the size you buy with the feet after the activities open is the most suitable.

  When trying on, don't pass only one foot, wear shoes on both feet, be sure to pull the zipper or tie the shoelace, then stand up and walk to experience the comfort of your feet when walking, and you can't walk two or three times. It's all done in one step. It is best to take a dozen steps.

  If it is not suitable at this time, after taking a dozen steps, you will already have a very obvious feeling.

  If it doesn't fit well, no matter how beautiful it is, there is no nostalgia for it. Salespeople are best at saying "wear and you will fit", but this is a lie, and the wrong shoes will only cause damage to your feet.

3. Choose a slightly softer and thinner sole.

  A sole that is too hard or too soft can be a burden on your feet, and a sole that is too thick can make you more prone to cramping.

4. Before wearing thick-soled shoes, you can match the corresponding soft insoles.

  Today's thick-soled shoes on the market are different in sole material, soft and hard. From the point of view of comfort, you can choose a softer, slightly thinner sole.

  If the feet are stepped on, the deformation of the soft sole will change the way the feet are stressed, which can alleviate various discomforts caused by the thick heel. On the contrary, thick and hard soles can aggravate the above injuries.

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