How to Choose A Right Pair of Sandals

  When girls choose high-heeled sandals, the first thing to consider is that the shoes must be comfortable to wear, not pinched, and of the right size. If you choose high heels that are uncomfortable to wear, no matter how beautiful the shoes are, no matter how much you like the style, you can't start with them.

  Many beautiful girls need to prepare many pairs of beautiful high-heeled sandals in summer, and choose different styles of high-heeled sandals according to the different clothes you choose.

  Therefore, when choosing high-heeled sandals, you must also pay attention to match your usual dressing style. Good girls can choose sandals that are suitable for ladies, and bold girls can choose sexy sandals.

  But pay attention when choosing sandals: the mouth of the shoe is too shallow, which will expose the shortcomings of the foot shape, and if the shoes wrap well on both sides of the sole of the foot, the mouth of the shoe extends in a V-shape, which can be visually extended. Thin.

  Single shoes such as ballet shoes are quite friendly to wide feet, but because they are completely flat and have soft and thin uppers, they have higher requirements on body shape and ankles.

  Once the lightness is not enough, they will appear bloated and procrastinated. But it looks like it was squeezed in.

  On the modified foot shape: pointed head > square head > round head.

  In terms of maturity and aggression: pointed head > square head > round head.

  In terms of comfort, generally pointed toes are the worst, and which one is more comfortable depends on your foot shape.

  Generally, the square head is more friendly to wide feet. Compared with the round head, the modification of the foot shape is better, and there is no aggressiveness of the pointed head. It is more suitable for beginners or ordinary people to wear. Old-fashioned.

Wide Feet Summary:

① When buying shoes, pay attention to the wrapping on both sides of the soles of the feet. V-shaped ones are better.

② Pay attention to the material of the upper, and it is better that the heel has a certain height (as long as it is not completely flat, it is OK to have a little ups and downs. If you are not used to wearing high roots, you can choose 2-6 heels)

③ Square head (different square heads also have different attributes, but there is still a selection range)

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