Daily Maintenance Tips for Leather Shoes

  The durability of leather shoes depends on the quality and maintenance of leather shoes.

  In fact, the maintenance of leather shoes should start from the moment they are purchased, and run through the overall use process of leather shoes.

  The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance knowledge of leather shoes.

  • When the shoes are not in use

The first shoe polish for leather shoes should be done before wearing new shoes. Start with the shoes free of dirt and keep the color and shine of the shoes well. In the future, in the process of wearing, you need to polish the shoe polish every two to three days.

  • The general method of using shoe polish
  1. Remove dirt and grime from the soles, and use a brush to carefully remove the dust between the seams and laces.
  2. Wipe the upper dirt and applied shoe polish with a slightly damp soft cloth (except white and colored shoes).
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of shoe polish on the leather surface of the leather shoes, and use a soft cloth to spread the shoe polish evenly. If you want to make leather shoes bright and have better waterproof performance, you can apply a thin layer of oily shoe polish.
  4. Brush with a brush to make the shoe polish nutrients penetrate into the leather, and finally polish it with a soft cloth, which also ensures that the leather shoes will not stain the pants.
  • leather shoes maintenance pay attention to the following points:
  1. The continuous wearing time of each pair of shoes should not be too long. When the shoes are not worn, they should be placed in a sunny place to dry. If the leather is immersed in water, if it is immersed in excess water layer, salt frost will appear, which will affect the extensibility and strength of the leather, and it will feel hard when worn again, and the shoes will be easily deformed.
  2. Leather shoes cannot be worn with others, otherwise there will be obvious deformation, because people's feet are different, and the shoes will tend to be consistent with the feet after wearing for a certain period of time.
  3. When storing leather shoes, use shoe polish to moisten the leather surface, put setting paper and desiccant in the shoe cavity and place it in a ventilated place, and keep the air temperature at 18-20 ℃ as much as possible.
  • Leather shoes maintenance tips
  1. If the leather shoes are found to be frosted, you can use gauze or cotton to dip a small amount of warm water, wipe the white frost on the shoe surface, put it in a ventilated place to dry, and then apply a small amount of shoe polish to save it.
  2. Leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft cloth or a soft brush, and maintained with special shoe polish to prevent the shoe polish from reacting with the leather surface, causing discoloration or damage to the leather.
  3. For nubuck leather uppers, do not use shoe polish or water brush, apply special detergent, lightly brush in the direction with a brush or use special rubber shoe powder to clean.

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