Chelsea Boots, Essential for New Year and Winter

  If you are a fashionista, Chelsea boots are indispensable in your shoe cabinet! The versatile styles of Chelsea boots allow you to easily match various styles of clothing whether you are going out for formal occasions or everyday leisure.


What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are boots originating from British Victorian equestrian activities. They have elastic bands and are easy to put on and take off. In the 1950s, many artists and designers gathered in the Chelsea area of England chose these elastic boots to promote their fashion concepts. Later, the Beatles fire successfully made these boots more popular. Since then, Chelsea boots have become a classic shoe.


How to match Chelsea boots?

If you are a fashionista and you have very in-depth research and your own ideas about daily wear Worry, then, we will give you some simple and practical dressing suggestions:

  • Chelsea boots with leggings

  If you have a pair of slender and slender legs, and you want to show your beautiful legs on the street in winter, then the combination of leggings + Chelsea boots is definitely suitable for you.

  • Chelsea boots with wide-leg pants

  Contrary to the previous dressing suggestion, if you think your legs are not good-looking, then you can choose wide-leg pants to modify your leg shape. The combination of Chelsea boots and wide-leg pants will definitely make you look on the street. Fashion and trend

  • Chelsea boots with dresses and trench coats

  Chelsea boots with dresses and trench coats can not only reflect the elegant and intellectual, but also very trendy, but also show the elegant charm of women. If you want to show a more mature and charming style, then this collocation is definitely suitable for you.

  • Chelsea boots with suits

  In addition to these casual outfits, formal Chelsea boots can also be held. A shirt is matched with a small suit and a pair of black or brown Chelsea boots look very textured.


How to choose a pair of Chelsea boots that suit you?

1. Color: All-match black Chelsea boots, with long skirts, short skirts, and trousers without pressure. Especially when wearing black tights, there is a sense of both feet and legs. You can also have slender legs.

2. Boot shaft: In addition to the height, the width of the boot shaft is also very important. Don't wrap your calves tightly, as that will highlight your calves, and your legs have a belly, but they should not be very wide. This will cut off the visual sense of the feet and legs. Be sure to choose the size that suits you.

3. Material: mainly cowhide, but also suede and patent leather, you can choose according to your needs.

Seeing this, do you want to buy a pair of Chelsea boots?


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