Chelsea Boots

What are Chelsea boots?

  Chelsea boots were born in the Victorian period in England and became popular because they were frequently worn by The Beatles. Therefore, they inevitably have British, retro, and rock characteristics.

What do Chelsea boots look like?

The classic Chelsea boots are shown in the picture below. They are black, up to the ankle height, and the side shafts are connected by elastic bands.

Classic Chelsea Boots in Black

3 Elements of Chelsea Boots

Element A: Elastic Band
  The elastic band is the biggest symbol of Chelsea boots. As early as Queen Victoria, Chelsea boots used a tightly wrapped ankle design. The purpose of the design at that time was to facilitate horseback riding, and the elastic band could make it easier for people to put on and take off their boots.

Element B: Cuban Heel   
  The heel can highlight a person's identity and status. Chelsea boots were initially used for horse riding, and the earliest records of equestrian heels came from the invading Mongolians.

  Legend has it that the Mongolian cavalry swept across Europe wearing bright red wooden heels and left their footprints in Europe. Since raising horses always requires the owner to have a certain degree of financial strength, and riding on the horse's back can directly highlight the state of superiority, so the knight and high heels represent the powerful.

  To this day, people say that a person has a good "shoe heel", which means that the person is rich and noble.

Element C: Pointed Design
  Pointed, high and thick heels are the original characteristics of Chelsea boots, but with the popularity of gentleman sports equestrianism, these boots have gradually changed from pointed to round toes, which is more in line with the aesthetic needs of the city.


Development of Chelsea Boots

  In the 20th century, the "Modern" culture improved Chelsea boots, making them more narrow and slender, with stitches in the middle of the upper, and a Cuban heel like a flamenco dancer.
  However, in the past few decades, the interpretation of different brands in different countries has made Chelsea boots no longer completely unified, and the toes are rounded, and Brock is more common.
  But no matter how it changes, the logo of Chelsea boots is always on the elastic side that extends from the heel to the ankle. The comfort, convenience and distinctiveness of Chelsea boots also come from this detail.

  The trend of fashion has given some new elements to Chelsea boots. In terms of material selection, Chelsea boots now also have smooth leather and nubuck leather, so that for those who are chasing fashion, there are more choices. 
  BeauToday's New AW Chelsea Boots have an upper made of genuine leather and a thick sole design, which has a high-level texture and good slip resistance.

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