Basic Shoe Matching Guide for Different Outfits (2)

  In the last article we shared a guide for three types of shoes, now let's look at the rest:

  4. Tall Boots

  Wear with: Tunic jeans and outerwear, shirt skirts, etc.

  Do you have a favorite celebrity or model? You really want perfect legs like a model? Want to wear the same style of clothes as they do but are afraid your legs won't look good enough?

  A pair of high boots is a safer choice. It can modify your leg shape and lines to achieve the effect of showing long legs. If you are going to a Party or some gatherings, you can consider this match.

  Avoid Matching: Don't wear skinny dresses and shorts.

5. Ankle Strap Flats

  Matching: If you have a midi skirt and don't know how to match it?

  Ankle strappy flats should go well with it. Try to choose a single color when buying, they will complement your dark outfits well.

  Under normal circumstances, never try to buy multi-colored flats, because very few people can handle multi-colored flats, presumably you do not want yourself and your legs to look like a palette.

Avoid matching: Indian ethnic wear, long skirts and maxi dresses.

6. Loafers

  Matching: Loafers are a versatile shoe, a comfortable shoe you can choose all year round. You can wear it with jeans, or with shorts or trousers, and go out with ease.

  What to avoid: Pants with loose, wide legs.

  After reading the above content, you have a certain idea about your daily wear.
So, open up your shoe closet and start listing what you own. If you own each of these types of footwear, you'll be ready to pair them for any occasion.

  However, if you're missing a piece, consider buying them yourself, because you don't want to be overwhelmed when you need it because of such a trivial thing.
Fashion legend Marilyn Monroe once quoted "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world".

  Choose from these assorted outfits and add extra accessories to your everyday outings, so no matter where you choose to go, there will be eyes on you.

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