Basic Shoe Matching Guide for Different Outfits (1)

  Finding the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfits can sometimes not always be easy. If you choose the wrong one, it can ruin your entire look.

  In online media, we can see trends in the fashion industry constantly evolving, but it would be utter foolishness to blindly follow them. One has to develop one's own understanding of what to dress for the occasion.

  Imagine how silly it would be if you wore wedges at the beach, or flats on a walk.

  Choosing the right shoes is very important. But that's easier said than done. The main question here is how it is possible to choose the most suitable pair when there are multiple options available. Then take a look at our matching guide for you.

1. Casual sneakers

  Wear it with: Casual and comfortable sneakers have been in vogue for the summer in recent years, and people are still going crazy for them. It's best to pair with your jeans when you're out and relaxing with your mates.

  Avoid Pairings: Skate or maxi dresses. We're sure you have a better choice of shoes to complement your beautiful maxi and skater dresses.

2. Flat sandals

  Matching: No matter what age you are in, a pair of sandals is a must in summer. Buy a pair of simple flats, whether it's a thong or a simple open toe. They are best paired with loose, simple clothes. You can also choose to pair them with shorts, denim, kaftans or summer dresses.

  Avoid Pairings: Flowy maxi and maxi dresses. Long skirts are better for heels, right?

3. Boots

  Matching: Boots are also one of the essential footwear in the shoe cabinet. They look stylish and sporty. Aside from the looks, you can choose it when you go on vacation in the mountains. Whether it's bare legs or paired with leggings, it's a good choice.

  Avoid: Cotton flared pants.

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