Daily Maintenance Tips for Martin Boots

  Martin boots were originally invented by doctors to restore injured parts of patients, and they became worker boots because of their ease of use. After young people stepped on their feet, it became a symbol of street and punk in the 1970s.

  Martin boots are divided into short boots, medium boots, and long boots. Generally, Martin boots with medium tubes are more common.

  So, how to maintain such shoes? There are some maintenance tips for you.

  • How to maintain Martin boots before wearing:

  Don't rush to wear the newly bought Martin boots. It is recommended to apply a layer of shoe polish to it before wearing it.

  After drying, gently wipe the leather surface of the Martin boots with a soft cloth.     

  After the leather is shiny, apply another coat of waterproofing spray.

  If there are suede Martin boots that are easy to get dusty, before wearing, it is best to apply a layer of anti-slip agent on the upper, and then gently brush with a soft brush several times.

  • The maintenance method of Martin boots during wearing:


  1. It is recommended not to wear the same pair of martin boots for more than three consecutive days.

  The leather material for making martin boots also needs to be "rested" in time. When not wearing martin boots, shoe lasts or newspapers (crushed into a ball) can be stuffed into martin boots, which can prevent martin boots from being affected by various factors deformation occurs.

  2. Be sure to avoid bumps when wearing Martin boots.

  If the leather surface of Martin boots is worn, it will definitely affect the wearing effect. In rainy and snowy days, you must not wear Martin boots to go out, because the fine particles mixed in the rain and snow will cause different degrees of damage to the leather of the Martin boots.

  3. When applying cleaning oil to sheepskin and cowhide Martin boots, do not apply cleaning oil directly to the surface of the boots.

  The correct way should be to wipe the cleaning oil on a clean soft cloth first, so as to avoid leaving any spots on the leather surface!

  • Martin boots collection and maintenance method:


  1. Martin boots need a full range of basic care before being stored, and the nursing steps should not be too complicated.

  As long as the stains on the surface of the boots are cleaned, apply a layer of shoe polish.

  After the shoe polish gradually penetrates into the leather, gently wipe the leather surface with a soft cloth until the leather becomes bright!

  Finally, put it in a ventilated and dry place for 1-2 days before putting it in the shoe box for collection. If the boots are stored for a long time, they should be taken out occasionally for ventilation to avoid mold.

  2. Martin boots should not be placed in the same storage box with other shoes, but should be placed separately.

  Because two different materials and different sizes of shoes are put together, the shoes will definitely be squeezed and deformed, which will affect the effect of wearing again.

  If you leave it for too long, the shoes will have dead folds that are difficult to restore, which will not only add trouble to their maintenance, but also increase the difficulty of repairing Martin boots!

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