What Should We Do with The Newly Bought Leather Shoes

  Presumably, when you wear new shoes, you often encounter such a problem, right? That is, new shoes, especially hard leather shoes, can be very abrasive for the first few days.

  In fact, this problem is often seen in leather shoes, because leather shoes are elastic, so when you wear them at the beginning, your feet will appear a little squeezed, and they will gradually become loose when you wear them.

  So is there any way to keep our new shoes from grinding feet when they are just worn? I will share with you two very simple methods. From now on, you will not have such troubles when buying shoes.

Method 1:

  This is the easiest and most convenient method. It only needs to prepare a hand cream.

  First, we put our new shoes aside and squeeze some paste out of our hand cream.

  After that, we put the hand cream on the heel of the shoe, especially the part that everyone thinks will rub the foot, and apply it all over it. In order to achieve a better effect, we can apply more. If you don't have a new hand cream, the expired one doesn't matter, the effect is the same.

  After applying it, we don't wipe it off immediately, but put the shoes in the shoe cabinet and wait for a day, remember to leave it for about 24 hours.

  After 24 hours, we take the shoes out again and find a cloth or paper towel to wipe off the residual hand cream. This will make the originally rough feet become smoother, and when we put on the shoes, we will not feel that the feet are worn.

Method 2:

  Before using this method, we still need to prepare materials. The following materials are very helpful: a bottle of alcohol, or a high-concentration liquor instead; a glass or ceramic container; a clip and A useless piece of cloth.

  You can practice when you are ready.

  First we pour some alcohol in the container, remember not to pour too much.

  Then we put the cloth head in, wet it with alcohol, and squeeze it with our hands to squeeze out the excess alcohol. Remember to dampen the cloth until it is dripping free.

  Next, we use this cloth to wrap the heels of the shoes, and then find a clip to hold them in place for 24 hours after wrapping.

  When the time is up, remove the cloth so you don't feel rubbing your feet when you put your shoes on.


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