The History of the Development of Sports Shoes

  Do you know the history of the development of sports shoes?

  In 1861, vulcanized rubber technology was used in shoemaking, marking the birth of the modern sports shoe.

  At the beginning of the 20th century, Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France began to study sports shoes.

  The earliest research on sports shoes was sports coaches, followed by manufacturers of sports shoes, and later evolved into a close combination of the two. Joint research.

  The world's major brands such as Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, Camel, Puma, etc. have established their own research institutions or think tanks, designed and manufactured some unique functional parts and sports shoes with special structures.

  Nike has the most extensive and in-depth research on sports shoes, representing the highest level of research and development and manufacturing of sports shoes in the world.

  Due to the continuous emergence of new sports items, researching and meeting the needs of these items, providing new, multi-functional and alternative materials is the theme of the development of sports shoes.

  At the same time, on the basis of the original sports shoes structure, it is improved to make it more Conformity to sports characteristics has also received more and more attention.

  In order to improve the viewing of competitive sports and reflect the individual characteristics of athletes, it is interesting to be more beautiful, more typical and personalized in shape. In terms of color use, a variety of colors are used to improve the brightness, and make it more vivid.

 Before the 1990s, the United States, Germany and Japan were the three major countries in the research, design and manufacture of sports shoes in the world.

  And sports shoes are produced in a wide variety of styles, rich colors, changeable patterns, strong three-dimensional sense, good stiffness, and comprehensive matching with clothing, the overall effect is coordinated.

  The hygienic performance of sports shoes is extremely demanding, and a shoe fabric with deodorizing performance has been developed.

  The development of sports shoes will continue to expand with the continuous expansion of people's living space and scope of activities, and emerging sports will continue to rise.

  In addition, tourism has become a fashion in life. There are more and more types of sports shoes, and styles are constantly being renovated, showing a colorful and dazzling trend.

  Secondly, professional sports require continuous improvement of the level of sports.

  On the one hand, sports shoes are developing in a more professional direction. On the other hand, they are also developing in a more popular and fashionable direction, that is, from focusing on their own sports functions to the aesthetics of accessories in clothing, etc. 

  Third, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, and environmentally friendly sports shoes are being accepted by people.

  Fourth, casual sports shoes are very popular in popular sports. They will combine the advantages of leather shoes and sports shoes, and the boundaries between the two will gradually fade.

  Due to the unique functionality, protection, comfort and fashion of sports shoes, especially more and more teenagers consuming sports shoes have become a fashion

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