The Difference between the First Layer Cowhide and the Second Layer Cowhide

  • Different fiber density

  As we all know, the leather called the first layer of cowhide comes from the surface layer of cowhide on the cow, so the skin made from it has the delicate texture characteristics of the most original cowhide.

  But, the second layer of cowhide is different. The cowhide is mainly from two or even three layers of cowhide in the cross-cut of cowhide, so its cortex is relatively rough and hard.

  • Different thickness

  The thickness of the first layer of cowhide is generally about 1.4mm, while the thickness of the second layer of cowhide is thicker than that of the former one.

  • Different production process

  The first layer leather is exquisite in the production process and will not add too many substances, but the second layer leather is different. It needs to be sprayed with some chemical materials or combined with some PVC and PU films.

  So, the two-layer cowhide leather is relatively hard and not soft enough.
  Since it is made of cowhide from different parts of the cow, the texture of the leather produced must be different. 

  The first layer of cowhide feels very smooth to the touch, and the leather is very soft and comfortable, but the second layer of cowhide feels a little rougher, and it feels not so comfortable as the first layer.

  • Different price

  Generally, the price of leather goods made of first-layer cowhide is relatively high, and the material of leather goods is durable, so it is not so easy to peel off the skin.

  But the second-layer cowhide, because of its low cortex content, is relatively cheap, which will burst or break after using for a long time.

Is the first layer better or the second-layer better?

  Through the introduction of the above points, if we choose cowhide products, the quality of the first layer of cowhide will definitely be better.

  Most of the first layer cowhide is directly processed, the cortical fiber structure produced by it has high density, fineness, texture, and has the most natural characteristics.

  However, two-layer cowhide is a split layer of cowhide, and almost all two-layer cowhide will be made of polyethylene and other materials in the production.

  Therefore, the texture of the second-layer cowhide is much worse than that of the first-layer cowhide, and the air permeability of the second-layer cowhide is worse than that of the first-layer cowhide, which is prone to cracking and other phenomena.

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